"Julie Orchard has a magic wand! She makes your dreams come true! Julie came into my life at a time where I was at a crossroads, I knew I wanted something bigger and better for myself. I'd spent years chasing my dreams but never actually catching them and making them a reality. So I like to think it was fate! She really listened to me and helped me to define my goals and gave me the tools to take those easy little steps to achieve those great big scary dreams! I found her to be incredibly warm, positive, motivating, always inspiring, and fun! Above all she gave me a foundation so that I can keep moving forward in life without fear. Can't is no longer in my vocabulary and I truly believe in myself. I am finally living my dreams and for the 1st time in a long time I am truly satisfied and happy! My time with Julie has been an investment in my future that has been invaluable!"
Jo Farr, Designer

"Working with Julie over 12 weeks was an incredible journey of self discovery and empowerment. I set three challenging goals that I knew would make a huge difference in my life if achieved but I was unsure how to achieve them. Julie encouraged me every step of the way, and without her, such major and positive changes in my life would not have happened. The support and motivation from Julie helped me achieve all three of my goals 100%. She is an inspiration to work with. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who has a dream they want to turn into reality."
Melissa Buckingham, Life Coach

"Julie I am emailing you to say thankyou for the big difference you have made in my life. Three months ago everything was just too hard and procrastination was my middle name, now that word just does not exist, and I am on to it, enthusiastic and looking forward to beginning a new day without hangovers from the day before. I am feeling more alive physically with the regular exercise you have programmed for me, in fact a better balanced person all round. I certainly recommend you as a life coach, in fact a life saver. I really appreciated what you have done for me, and long may it continue."
Daphne, Textiles Industry

"It's amazing how 1 hour a week for 12 weeks can change your life. My life coach was excellent. Never telling me what I should do but discussing different ways on how I could do things. My "homework" was sometimes hard as I was having to confront the things that made me weak. I am so much stronger now and living my life for me.
An excellent way to spend money for your own future. Julie is a fantastic coach, who listens, supports, encourages and also laughs with you. She is honest and open and easy to talk to. Hopefully I have found another friend. Thank you so much."
Female, Health Practitioner

"It's amazing to think that in only twelve weeks dreams can be turned into reality. My dreams were quite unspecific. I thought I knew what I wanted, but my coach helped me distil the dreams into targets that were easy to understand and verbalise. Targets that I could take aim at, and hit, step by step. I still find it hard to believe that I now have my own private radio station operating 15 hours a day seven days a week - only because I chose to let a life coach help me."
Murray, Government/Social Services

"Very enthusiastic life coach who encourages you to make your own decisions. Julie provides excellent guidance, with a good balance of listening and advising. I was amazed at the results."
Alison, Accountant

"Unbelievable that major changes can happen over 12 weeks."
Keven, Manager Health Services

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