About Coaching

Why be coached?

Just imagine when you’re older and reminiscing in your rocking chair, will you have achieved everything you’ve wanted?

What is important to you?

  • Do you want a personally rewarding career?
  • Do you want to improve or start up a business?
  • Do you want fulfilling relationships?
  • Do you want to be fit and healthy?
  • Do you want to be financially secure?
  • Do you want to write a book or star in a play?
  • Or maybe something else entirely...

Any of these things are possible, and working together, I can empower you to make your dreams a reality.

Who is coached?

What I love about coaching is that it’s all about moving forward and totally focused on the positive - everyone can benefit no matter what stage they are in their life.

In fact my clients have included people in their early 20’s to an 85-year-old woman from a variety of backgrounds – students, young mums, managers and doctors. From IT and sales through to health, accountancy and government. Their goals have ranged from business, career, relationships, confidence and creativity to fitness. One client even set up his own radio station – the possibilities are endless!

However, the one thing all my clients have in common is a desire to be the best person they can be and consequently they have all achieved fantastic results.

How coaching works

I work with clients over 12 weeks, either in person or by phone, meeting once a week for an hour. In each session together we develop strategies and set actions to accomplish their goals. Throughout the journey we deal with roadblocks, face challenges and realise insights along the way. Although this requires a bigger commitment, achieving the goals is extremely personally rewarding.

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